Finding light where we can

I can't help but notice that it's dark again. It seems to do this every year. And every year I start counting down the days until our daylight will bottom out at 8 hours 46 minutes and then start creeping upward again.

Six months ago, we were contemplating blackout blinds for the kids' room so that they'd go to sleep sometime before Jay Leno came on. Now the challenge is to get them to crawl out from the covers in time for us all to get out the door in the morning. We kiss them good-bye in the grey morning and bundle them into the car again in the twilight.

But we're clever beings, we humans, and we find ways to light even the darkest months.

Last winter, I watched my neighbor - Lord knows how many months pregnant - shouldering her cross-country skis and heading down to the lake to glide through the moonlight.

A Jewish acquaintance is already counting the days until she takes a tour of the city's holiday light displays with good friends.

And all the way home in the car every evening, my daughter counts sparkly trees and lighted snowflakes hanging from the streetlights. Every one - meaning every single block - gives her precious seconds of anticipation and a burst of joy when she finds it.

Wishing your family light and happiness this holiday season.